The details of your permission to reproduce work which is copyright must be included in your posting. Copyright is a legal mechanism that protects the originators of material from their work being copied by somebody else. For guidance on Copyright and Intellectual Property please visit

You are responsible for the messages that you post to ensure that they do not breach copyright. If you infringe copyright, your post will be deleted by our moderators, you could be locked out from using RootsChat.

Crown Copyright

British Census images and data are Crown Copyright. A low resolution portion of a census record may be posted on RootsChat, provided that it is only used for private study or research purposes of a non-commercial nature. RootsChat limits file attachments to 300kb in order to limit resolution and sizes of images posted for this reason. We would expect such images to be used for handwriting recognition, therefore we disable the ability to attached images in all the "lookup" sections.

Where you have posted information that is Crown Copyright, you must ensure that the information is accurate, in context and add the statement that "This information Crown Copyright, from"

For fuller guidance, please view the Copyright statement from The National Archives

Transcriptions and Lookups can be provided freely on RootsChat, as long as Crown Copyright is acknowledged, and that you have transcribed the information accurately. Please note that somebody else's transcription is their own work, which you cannot copy unless they have given their permission. If a moderator spots any tell-tale wording like "Click for more information" or "Page 1 of 2" then naturally we can only assume that the transcription is not your own work, and such posts should be reported so that they can be deleted. You MUST however ensure that by posting transcriptions that you personally do not break any licence agreements, or terms of use set by others.

How to Report Copyright Infringement

Click the "Report to Moderator" link which you will find at the bottom right of every message if you are logged in.


Send us an email to webmaster at rootschat dot com


Write to us at:, Europa House, Barcroft Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 5BT United Kingdom

Please give full details of the infringement, the exact title of the posting, and the date the posting was made. We will then take appropriate corrective action by removing the offending article and notifying the poster of the topic. Repeat offenders will be locked out from using RootsChat. cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for the messages or content posted by others, and by choosing to take moderation action on the breaches of copyright by others RootsChat are not assuming liability. The sheer volume of messages provided by this internet service means that we are unable to read all messages posted, and rely on the integrity of our members to ensure that postings do not infringe copyright.