Shrink those incredibly long website links.


Shrink Long Website Links

You can now shrink very long website addresses with a little help from RootsChat. If you have found an useful website but with a very long url, then you can simply use the form below to shrink your long url to an short one using this little RootsChat utility. You can use this not only on RootsChat, but on other sites, and in your emails too, and the links don't expire.
Enter the long URL link to shrink:
You can 'cut and paste' links here

Shrink Links with a Button Click

  You can drag the url link below into your Links toolbar and be able to create short urls in an instant. Better still, bookmark this page now, so you'll be able to use it for all your url shrinking needs.

Drag this link to your toolbar: RootsChat Links

Internet Explorer: Users who use Internet Explorer may find that, clicking and dragging of the 'javascript' link above does not work. Adding a button to Internet Explorer can be done by:
1) Right-Click the link (with your right mouse button) and select "Add to Favorites..." from the menu.
2) Click "OK" if a security warning appears (this shows up because the link uses javscript).
3) Now select the folder called "Links" and then click OK. You should now see the "RootsChat Links" on your links toolbar as a buttton, if not, see the last paragraph above.
PS If he folder called "Links" is not there, then click the "Create in >>>" button) and create one called "Links"


The purpose of this little tool is to allow you to shorten long url links. If used for illegal purposes, your url will be suspended and you'll be permanently banned. No spamming of any links from this RootsChat utility will be tolerated.


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